For the parents and other audience!

Even though the Tali Bowling Center is very big we have limitations how many people we can get in. During the championships we will have about 300 official participants and staff members. On top of that we can get about 200 people in. To control all this, all people inside the bowling center need the Official Participant Pass, Official Guest Pass, Championship Pass (weekly ticket) or Daily Ticket. That’s the way we can guarantee that parents and other supporters received tickets will get in.

Passes/tickets are sold in advance. Please send us email and add following information:

Contact person

Number and type of tickets

PS. If you buy a weekly Championship Pass and you are not coming in the first dates or you will not stay until the end of the championships, please inform us. Then we can let more people in with daily tickets in those days. Thank you for your go-operation.

We will send you the invoice by email and you will get the tickets/passes from the entrance of the Tali Bowling Center.

If you already have ordered Official Guest Pass from your federation and they have send the information to us your entry to the center is ok.

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